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I'm NOT just your average food obsessive.


Born with an insatiable appetite and a genetic predisposition for eating (and cooking) anything with four legs except a table, I spend most of my waking hours planning my next meal, or three.


And with decades of food-driven travel under my ever-expanding belt, I've always got the intel on the best spots to eat - from local dives to fine dining far and wide. What better way to experience a place than to enjoy its culture through cuisine!


With so few meals in the day, I can't stand to waste my appetite on food that just isn't fit to eat, so with the The Flying Foodie, I present to you all my favorite foods, restaurants and recipes to help keep you well fed the world over.


Want to know more? You can get the full story here.


In the meantime, while I continue to update the site, drop me an email anytime at if you can't find what you're looking for. 


I'd love to hear from you!





A bit about The Flying Foodie...

Happy as an oyster, at Cull & Pistol, NYC

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