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Lido Del Faro

Località Punta Carena - Anacapri. +39 081 837 1798.

What a place! We’ve got the Lyles to thank for this top tip, and coming here fresh off the ferry boat was the best way to settle into Capri time. Crystal clear water protected by dramatic limestone cliffs and situated at a remote corner of the island make it a hugely popular spot, but we didn’t feel cramped by the scene at all. The restaurant was simply top-class, with the burrata alici pasta our favourite from the entire trip (and coincidentally, our friends ordered and felt the same).


La Fontelina

via Faraglioni - Faraglioni. +39 081 837 0845

The perfect lunch stopover while circumnavigating the island, it’s right across from the iconic Faraglioni and considered among the best restaurants on Capri for its delicious local fare, especially the seafood, overlooking the water and, if you’re lucky, the famous rocks. Open from mid-April to October, it’s also popular for swimming and sunbathing (no beach though), and can be accessed on foot or by boat.


La Rondinella

via G. Orlandi, 295 - Anacapri. +39 081 837 1223

Conveniently located across the street from Casa Mariantonia (a terrific little B&B), locals (and savvy visitors) come here for the excellent food in an intimate and convivial atmosphere. The best seats are on the small outdoor terrace, surrounded by colourful bougainvillea, and each dish we had was one revelation after another: the most delicately made ravioli caprese bursting with flavour, then the lightest gnocchi imagineable topped with a creamy pesto sauce, followed by the freshest, simply grilled local fish. And it’s ideally located for the perfect digestive stroll through the quiet streets of Anacapri.



Via Fuorlovado, 18-22 - Capri. +39 081 837 0181. (Italian only)

One of Capri’s oldest restaurants, this exclusive family-run eatery nestled in the heart of Capri’s stylish shopping area is a popular celebrity, local and tourist haunt. Book or arrive early for one of the tables on the terrace out front, which make for excellent people-watching. Just don’t expect too much with the food, which was fine enough but somewhat bland and nowhere near the same calibre as the restaurants listed above.


da Paulino

via Palazzo a Mare - Località Capri, nr Marina Grande. +39 081 837 6102

It seems every celebrity who has ever visited Capri has come here for a meal under the lemon trees. There’s no doubt this is a lovely spot, but like many places that trade on star power, the food is apparently a bit hit and miss.



Capri Palace Hotel & Spa. Via Capodimonte 2b - Anacapri. +39 081 978 0111.

If Michelin-star dining is what you’re after, this is the place. The two-star affair features German chef Oliver Glowig’s refined Mediterranean cuisine and over 12,000 bottles of fine international wines in a rather formal interior or a large outdoor terrace in summer.


Bar Tiberio, Gran Caffe Vuotto...Cafes in La Piazzetta

Any of the four cafes in La Piazzetta will do for the requisite people-watching session, drink in hand. We settled into Bar Tiberio in front of a very amusing Italian odd couple (see picture below), one of whom sounded like Satan on Nicorette. Opened in 1937 by Raffaele Vuotto, the Gran Caffe is one of the oldest and perhaps the most polished of the bunch.


Panta Rei

via Lo Palazzo, 1 - Capri. +39 081 837 8898.

Only steps but a world away from the scene at La Piazzetta, this is a terrific spot for sunset drinks and nibbles, with a breezy terrace boasting sweeping views over the Gulf of Naples. This unusual destination wears many hats throughout the day: “Pantaqua”, a wellness/spa area featuring a Turkish bath and heated swimming pool; the restaurant “Pantagusto”; and then “Pantabar”, where sunset drinks can turn into open-air clubbing with DJ’s and video projections.



via V. Emanuele, 35. +39 081 837 7826

Reckoned by some to be the best gelato on the island, with crispy waffle cones made fresh throughout the day (when you can smell them, you know you’re getting close). There’s a formidable pastry and cake selection too, from torta Caprese and their signature “Caprilu al limone”, a dense cookie made of honey, almonds and lemons.


Bar Embassy

Via Camerelle, 16 - Capri. +39 081 837 7066

Another excellent gelateria with a wide variety of robust flavours.





Where to Eat: Capri

THE place to swim and eat: Lido del Faro

Great spot for a long lunch

La Rondinella. An enchanting, local favorite in the heart of Anacapri

La Fontelina: the place to stop for lunch while circumnavigating the island, with a view of the Faraglioni

Just a stone's throw from Capri's see-and-be-seen La Piazzetta, it's decent food and great people watching

Meatballs and squid ink pasta at La Fontelina

The view from Bar Tiberio, a La Piazzetta favorite

Bar Tiberio regulars - classic!

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